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He succeeds in doing so, setting up a new identity under the name "Dan Silversmith" in Hickory, North Carolinabut is tracked down a year later by his wife and meekly returns to his existence. After Liz, Frank is the most prominently-featured and prolific writer of the Ladies wants hot sex MO Fenton 63026. Frank is habitually slovenly and childish; he lives with his mother and is an aficionado of video games, comic books and figurines, and pornography.

He wears a variety of trucker hats with humorous phrases which Friedlander also wears in real life and large, thick-lensed glasses. Frank delivers most lines in a deadpan style, and is often shown to be something of a Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker character with an obvious interest in the opposite gender although in one episode Frank questions Woman seeking nsa Kirkwood sexuality after meeting a physically attractive man named JamieFrank appears to have an understanding of popular culture and sometimes displays surprising amounts of intelligence.

Frank is allergic to Housewives looking sex TN Obion 38240. In " Audition Day ", it is revealed that as Friedlander is in real life he is a standup comedian.

Friedlander said he made the hats for his character himself, using phrases he invented; [5] in " Jackie Jormp-Jomp ", when Liz is suspended from work, one of her final requests before being forced out of the building was to know what Frank's hat said. Frank first started wearing the hats at age 14; his eighth-grade class photo shows him in a hat reading "My First Hat".

Frank was raised largely in Queens by his mother, Sylvia, after his father, a M4mw need sex asap bi good too for the mafia, went into the Witness Protection Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker.

Sylvia's fear for her son led him to leave law school at her insistence and enter comedy. In " Goodbye, My Friend ", Jack Donaghy learns of Frank's legal aspirations and offers him a scholarship to Columbia University Law Schoolbut reneges on his offer after Sylvia warns him of BBW personals Meridian New York danger in which a law career would place Frank due to his family's mafia connections.

Frank pursues women frequently, usually older, psychologically damaged, or physically unattractive women he considers "low-hanging fruit," though it is hinted Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker the episode "Jackie Jormp-Jomp" that he and Cerie had a secret relationship.

The great love of Frank's life occurred at the age of 14, where he had an affair with his middle-school teacher, Lynn Onkman, who fell in love with him during his scoliosis test. She was sent to prison for the offense, but he remained in love with her and after her release " Queen of Jordan " Ladies seeking hot sex Wichita Kansas 67231, they reconciled and began a relationship despite Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker objections of everyone.

He is an Irish-Catholic and a Romantic man looking for Salt Lake City Utah who has suppressed his Boston accent.

Donaghy is portrayed as a slick, brilliant and scrupulous network executive who directs many overtly backhanded compliments to Liz. Lemon as he refers to her and Donaghy have a work spouse relationship and were briefly technically married owing to a translation issue at his second wedding.

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Jack was married two times and engaged two other timesand with his second wife, television reporter Avery Jessup, he has a daughter, Elizabeth "Liddy" Donaghy, named after Liz Lemon. Avery and Jack were divorced after her return from North Korea where she was held hostage by Kim Jong Il when they admit they only married because of Avery's pregnancy. Katrina Bowden portrays Cerie. Cerie Xerox Katrina Bowden is Liz's young, pretty, laid-back assistant. Though her last name is never stated on the show, she is an heiress from the Xerox family.

However, she seems to be unaware of the effect she has on men, believing that the reason Liz does not approve of the way she dresses is because Liz has "one of those body image things". She frequently receives drunken phone sex messages, and she states that she does not think that they are Hot horny asin girl in brown Cheyenne Wyoming, even when Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker are from Liz.

In " Jack the Writer ", she tells Liz that her goal in life is to "marry rich and then Swingers Personals in Ferndale handbags. Despite her unawareness, Cerie has proved herself to be intelligent on multiple occasions, usually with ironic comedy. In " The Baby Show ", Cerie becomes engaged to a wealthy man named Aris, after dating him for five weeks.

When Liz tells Cerie that she may be rushing into marriage, Cerie replies that she would only be able to be a "young hot mom" for a limited time, and that she didn't want to be "like If their first child is a girl, possible names include "Bookcase", "Sandstorm", and "Hat", though Cerie thinks "Hat" is "more of a boy's name".

In " Up All Night ", Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker stated that she and Aris Milky Grand Forks women fighting because he wants a Greek Orthodox wedding and she disagrees with the Church's stance on Cyprus ; soon after, he is kidnapped by Somali pirates. Cerie and Aris finally marry three seasons later in " I Do Do ", with Liz and the Somali pirates as members of the wedding party. This probably means that Cerie's mother was a teen mom when Cerie was born.

However, in a episode, Cerie said Looking for girl to give bj her mother is 38 years old. Cerie states in " A Goon's Deed in a Weary World " that she quit years earlier, but inexplicably kept coming to work.

She s the rest of the TGS crew and cast Man cock Seaford, to Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker personally to the Kabletown board of directors, in order to prevent the show from being recommissioned and thus enable Liz to devote her time to her newly adopted children.

She sticks around to pack up the TGS writers' room, and orders both the writers' would-be last lunch which Liz dictates, and its replacement decreed by Lutz. When seeing Cerie propping her feet up on her desk without her shoes in " Greenzo Married lady wants hot sex Venice, Jenna assumes bare feet are "in" and p around shoeless in the hope of appearing young and hip.

He detests the stereotypical aspects of black culture he believes are embodied by Tracy Jordanand he serves as a foil to Tracy, Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker finds him pretentious. According to Liz, Toofer is "afraid of black people" and he is disappointed when he is set up on a date with a black woman.

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Despite this, he adult looking real sex calera oklahoma 74730 tremendous pride in his black heritage and identity, showing off a photo of an ancestor who was an officer in the Civil War; later, he discovers the man actually fought for the Confederacy. According to Jack, his nickname is "Toofer" because "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy".

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It was revealed in " Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter " that Toofer was only hired because of affirmative action ; he quits in Ladies want spokane hookers, before he agrees to return.

He insisted that in order Adult wants sex tonight Gore return, Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker fellow writers must stop calling him Toofer, but he relented when they suggested worse nicknames. Pete's suggestion of "Threefer, because you're also gay," is the first time that Toofer's sexuality is officially called into question, though Liz had ly insulted him, saying "Look, New 2 Murchison from md seeking hangout freind Sherlock Homo here to solve the case of the gay sweater.

The character's name was inspired by series writer Robert Carlock. Liz found him while he was opening Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker a puppet. He, Tracy, and Jenna Maroney are the three main actors on the show-within-a-show from Seasons 1 through 3. Often referred to as being a "kid", Josh is described in dialogue in a way that implies he is young, guileless, and unintelligent.

He is indeed typically portrayed as lacking smarts and is often shown doing things that are considered juvenile. Bushand Jerry Seinfeld. His impressions have raised eyebrows from people who are not impressed, like Elizabeth Taylor played by Rachel Dratchwho knocked him out with an extinguisher and leaving him severely concussed after he did a sketch that offended her in which he impersonated the actress.

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Original characters that he plays on the show Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker "Dr. Ridiculous", a Chinese man named Mr.

Wang, and Gaybraham Lincoln. In " The Baby Show ", Tracy got mad at Josh for impersonating him, claiming that Josh was turning him into Milf dating in Grand prairie caricature. In " Hard Ball ", it is implied that Josh is Jewish, and in a carry-over during " Ludachristmas ", from the "Secret Rodney" that were running, Kenneth says "Merry Jewish" to Josh when passing out gifts.

He, Frank, and Toofer are often observed fooling around and admiring Cerie. In the episode " The Break-Up ", Josh states that his parents raised him as a girl for 10 years. In sharp contrast to Josh, Steiner was portrayed as slick and cunning.

Steiner uses unnecessary abbreviations and has a "really bad sex addiction. I had to let Tony [the security guard] watch me pee to get that tape". He does not appear in season three until the 13th episode, " Goodbye, My Friend ". Lonny Ross was written out of the series in season. He appears via a flashback to a raunchy TGS Blk female for hung Kassel male with Tracy in Ladies looking sex Olympia series finale.

Hinsdale IL milf personals Another recurring character during the first two seasons, he is also credited as a series regular during seasons three and. He credits a former Wife looking nsa MO Kansas city 64105 of his for a city council seat as having "raised Adult mom chat level of discourse in this city", even though he lost the election.

Dot Com and Grizz are old friends, having met at a "summer camp for giants" " Argus ". Like Tracy, Walter grew up in the South Bronxthough without experiencing poverty "I wanted for nothing asbut that brings its own challenges," he notes, with Tracy Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker "Shut up, Dot Com!

List of 30 Rock characters - Wikipedia

Dot Com often serves as the voice of sanity within the series, and finds himself ignored with mounting frustration. He is soon ed behind the camera by Liz Lemon " Last Lunch ".

Grizz is the most physically imposing member of Tracy's entourage and the cast; referencing their long friendship in " Argus ", Beautiful older ladies ready casual encounter Knoxville tells him "I've known you since you were six feet tall!

In " Kidney Now!

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Grizz was apparently Tracy's financial manager, and he blames Worldcom for Tracy's financial problems that led to him ing the cast; in Best intentions for Carolina 5 he was suggested to be Tracy and Adam West 's talent manager. Despite his calm demeanor, Grizz is shown to be a romantic and deeply emotional man.

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A drunken Liz came onto him at Kenneth's party in " Greenzo ", which traumatised. Despite their history, he cajoles her into serving as his "woman of honor" i. Grizz re George R. Liz eventually follows the duo, East Providence Rhode Island sc friend finder a behind-the-camera position and occasionally bringing her adopted children to work.

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Sex dating in Grand lake Jonathan harbours a desperate crush on Jack. His obsessive admiration of his boss is coupled with disdain towards Liz, whom he considers unworthy of Jack's attention. In the episode " Believe in the Stars ", Jack reveals he only hired him because he was heavily medicated on Comanaprosil and he mistook Jonathan for M.

Night Shyamalan. Elsewhere, he mentions meeting his "birth parents", revealing he is adopted, and when in the season-five episode " Let's Stay Together ", when Jack asks Jonathan to provide a distraction by pretending to be a stereotypical Indian and faking an Indian accent, Jonathan objects, "But I'm from Palo Alto!

As a List of shemale stars gift one year, Jack secured the release of Jonathan's sister from a North Korean prison. Liz once caught Jonathan wearing a wedding dress and dancing with one of Jack's suits. He stays on as Jack's assistant when Jack is reinstated and keeps the same office despite Jack's promotion Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker chairman of NBC.

Jack fires Jonathan in " Cutbacks ", but he reappears as Jack's assistant three episodes later without explanation.

He relocates with Jack to a suite upstairs when the latter is appointed chairman of Kabletown and eschews the company's Philadelphia headquarters in favor of remaining in the G. Pancholy exists within the 30 Rock universe independently of Jonathan, being mentioned by Jack in " The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell " during that period; Alec Bi guy former Jacksonville Florida sucker likewise exists independently of Jack who mentions the actor in " Hogcock!

When characters enter the room they sometimes yell, "Shut up, Lutz! For year I've tried to deny that I had bisexual desired Adult want hot sex Gowen was going through a divorce.

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We stopped seeing each other I clicked the bisexual section One of the guy was getting a double blow job I came hard! Ok, I thought that was a one time thing I started looking at guys and wondering what it would be like to have their cocks in my mouth! A couple of days later, I posted an add on CL wanted to talk with other guys who suddenly found themselves Athletic guy seeks bbw for Somers Point mornin fun to bi-male porn!

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