Wooden Keyboard

Oree Wooden Keyboard

Portable wireless keyboard handcrafted from single piece of solid premium wood. Works with all Mac computers, iPad, & Windows Bluetooth devices

Crafted to last.

The Board is built to endure, and the patina of use will reveal its timeless beauty. An invisible food-safe varnish stringently protects the wood against casual stains.

Enjoy the natural touch.

Each Board is cut from a single piece of wood to preserve the pattern of the grain across the shell and keys, and then sanded down till it’s soft to the touch.

Each piece is unique.

Each Board reflects the native tree it came from, with its own wild veins and spirals. It is crafted, polished, varnished and assembled by hand in our workshop.

Technical Specs

Low power Bluetooth 3.0
Powered by 2x AA batteries (lasting 5 months if used daily)
Dimensions: 29.3 x 13.7 x 2 cms
Weight: 400g