V2 Coconut Table Tennis Paddle

V2 Coconut Table Tennis Paddle

After trying Coconut’s first attempt at reinventing the table tennis paddle i was amazed at how natural and easy it was to transition to. ¬†Personally my forehand was typically my weakness but with the unique coconut grip i found my self feeling more comfortable with the shot.

Having played ping pong with the traditional paddle for over 20 years it was almost refreshing the way the Coconut paddle made ping pong feel new again. I am excited to see what coconut has in store with their V2 paddle due to be released December 1st 2017!



We took a bunch of weight out of V2 – this blade is smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessor.

Okoume and Cedar make up the paddle and it comes with red/black flat sponge rubber.

The Coconut Grip is made for both left and right handed players.  We recommend that you slip your middle finger through the precision style handle for maximum utility and efficiency.