Redneck Plunger

Redneck Plunger


  • BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY! Bring The Redneck Plunger To Your White Elephant Gift Parties And Have Everyone Fighting Over Who Gets Goes Home With The Prize!
  • DON’T FORGET THE FUN! Fresh Out Of The Box, The Redneck Plunger Provides Entertainment In The Form Of Live Action Shotgun Noises!
  • GOT A CLOG? Never Again Worry Whether Or Not Your Toilet Is Going To Clog Up – The Redneck Plunger Functions As A Fully Operational Toilet Plunger
  • GET YOUR’S TODAY! We Provide A Risk Free Experience! 100% Satisfaction Guarentee Or Your Money Back!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY DAY OF THE YEAR! Birthdays, Holiday’s, A Random Tuesday! Everyone That Receives A Redneck Plunger Does So With A Smile On Their Face!

The World’s Funniest Toilet Plunger! THE POO IS THRU!

The Redneck Plunger – A True Innovation For The Plumbing Industry! Not Only Does the Redneck Plunger Plunge, It Also Makes Shotgun Sounds And Stands Upright Just Like A Normal Plunger!

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Redneck Plunger

10)Your Crap Is Stuck In The Trap
9) Your Brown Won’t Go Down
8) Ultimate Weapon Of “Gas” Destruction
7) If Your Stink Won’t Sink
6) You Gotta Turd Stuck In The Herd
5) Your Poo Won’t Go Through
4) Your Caboose Let Too Much Loose
3) Your Stool Won’t Leave The Pool
2) You Dropped A Deuce And It Won’t Break Loose
1) Your Lincoln Log Made A Stinkin Clog

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Available at $29.99