PicoBrew Zymatic Brew System

PicoBrew Zymatic Brew System

  • World’s first all-grain beer brewing appliance
  • Produces 2.5 gallons of finished beer batches
  • Recipe library of hundreds of award-winning craft beers
  • Fully automatic and brews any craft beer type in less than 4 hours
  • Note: Ships in 3 separate packages

Technology with a purpose, Zymatic’s innovative process control and automation makes brewing fun again. Like professional large-volume brewery equipment, Zymatic produces high-quality repeatable results every time, allowing you to focus on the craft of brewing instead of the monotonous mechanics and the cleaning. Unattended operation gives you more time in your brew day.


Use the predictive Recipe Crafter to create custom recipes, import your favorites in BeerXML, or seek inspiration from our recipe library filled with hundreds of proven recipes. Then let the Zymatic’s automation brew perfect batches for you that match your targets: precision multistep mashes, accurately timed hop additions, automatically logged data, and more. All internet connected so that you can monitor remotely from any phone, tablet or computer.


Import recipes using beer XML or create your own using the custom recipe crafter software.


Ingredients pre-loaded at the beginning of the 3.5 hour brew cycle, and then ferments in the keg for single-vessel end-to-end brewing.


No beer is more fresh, and tastes better than the one you just brewed.