Molecular Mixology Kit – Mojito

Molecular Mixology Kit – Mojito

Play with Your Booze!

What do you get when you combine food, liquor, chemistry, and art? You get to deconstruct your favorite drink, to change the look and feel of ingredients, impress dinner guests, and to take your tastebuds on an adventure—also known as molecular gastronomy!

Try this fresh take on the classic mint-and-rum refresher to take drinks and entertaining to a whole new level. Deconstruct mint leaves into buoyant “caviar” bubbles or a flavor-filled cloud of foam. It’s even possible to encapsulate every ingredient into a sphere that explodes with flavor, introducing your tastebuds to the essence of the cocktail. Give guests a taste of the unexpected with these three easy molecular recipes that bring cutting-edge mixology to your home bar. Includes instructional booklet. Materials come from Canada, the USA, Belgium and China. Assembled in Canada.

– 3 natural food additives in pre-measured sachets (10 sachets)
– 1 slotted spoon
– 2 plastic pipettes
– 1 silicone mold
– 3 recipes