Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router

Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router

  • One of the “Best new inventions for 2015” as selected by
  • Plug & Play setup – Boost WiFi in 30 seconds. Please refer both the Instructional Videos in the image section before use.
  • Several modes: Universal WiFi Router or WiFi Extender / Repeater
  • Energy efficient – Average power consumption: 2Watt, energy conservation up to 60%
  • Multi-color RGB LED light can be controlled/scheduled
  • Qualcomm chipset provides a strong and reliable connection
  • App support for iOS and Android devices: locally or remotely manage your WiFi network and devices
  • Range Extender mode: Compatibility issues solved through firmware updates via the kisslink App
    The Complete WiFi System

    For larger homes and spaces , we recommend installing multiple kisslink routers. With this 3pack WiFi system, you just need to install the first router first. Adding more kisslink routers to an existing kisslink network is a 1-step process. Just plug the additional kisslink router(s) into a power outlet in an area with overlapping WiFi coverage and authenticate a connected device via KISS. The new kisslink routers will then automatically connect to the existing network, then you can enjoy the complete WiFi systerm at your home.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Our kisslink router is the first of its kind to be truly plug and play. It does not require a configuration process to install. We’ve simplified the process so anyone can set up kisslink as a router or range extender in minutes. – Simply connect kisslink to a power outlet and Internet source to use kisslink as a router. – Or just connect kisslink to a power outlet to utilize it as a range extender. An automatic prompt will appear requesting access to the existing network the first time you connect.

    The Best Guest Network

    KISS technology allows devices to connect to WiFi by coming in close contact with the syncing panel on kisslink. Unlike passwords, this feature will not only impress your house guests, but it also ensures that outsiders cannot get on your network.

    Smart Companion Apps

    The kisslink iOS and Android apps enable advances features, include WiFi Management, devices control, access control. Group and remote AP management allows you to control your entire network even when you’re away from home.

    Refined Design

    kisslink is designed and engineered to fit into homes of all different styles and networking needs. Its elegant exterior is matched by its capable interior. You’ll be proud to put such a piece of technology on display in your home.

    Keewifi, Make Life Easy

    Technology should make life as easy and simple as possible.Our diverse and talented team comes from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We believe we could invent new technologies and integrate into current merchandise to bring new experiences to consumers. Kisslink router is the first product we launch to make WiFi easy to everybody.


    Available at $31.90